So you’re trying to craft your Recycler workstation but then you hit a snag. You need Oak Planks!

You open your world map and look for the Oak zones. Great, you found them… but unfortunately traveling there requires a Chopper, which you do not have.

Don’t worry you can still get some logs to craft your workstation. Here’s how.

Oak Zones

Oak trees can be found in a few locations. Both the Oak Bushes and Oak Grove require a Chopper to get to. However there are two locations that you can stroll to on foot.

  1. Northern Watchtower (once-off)
  2. Pine Wood (Red Zone)
  3. Oak Clearing (Timed Event)

Pine Wood’s Oak tree count is pitiful. If you only need a small amount of logs, head to the Northern Tower to cut down a one time set of Oak trees.

If you need more the Oak Clearing timed event is the way to go.

Prep Work

Whichever location you head to you’ll need Iron Hatchets to harvest those Oak trees. You can craft them at Level 14 and will cost:

  • 5x Iron Bar
  • 3x Pine Plank
  • 2x Nails (Can be crafted at workbench)
  • 5x Duct Tape

Oak Clearing Event

There are several versions of the Oak Clearing Event. Some of which include AI players with guns! Since you are just after the logs feel free to just sneak around and avoid any firefights.

Whichever one you get, there will be plenty of enemies and you will take a beating. So you’d best be geared up.


The above is an example of what you would take with you. This is probably more on the minimal side of what you could bring.

You may want to take better weapons and additional healing items for a more comfortable run.

  • 2x Iron Hatchets
  • 40x Carrot Stew
  • 2x Crowbar/Machete (DPS Weapon)
  • 1x Skull Crusher/Saw Blade Mace (Heavy Hitter)
  • 1x Full Set of Armor

It’s up to you what armor you want to bring. Of course the better quality you wear the less healing items you will eat through.

Whatever you decide to bring, make sure you have enough durability. You don’t want to be running around in your boxers (Alternatively feel free to take a spare set).

One more thing… Be careful not to die. If things get a bit rough just exit the map.