This Ragnarok Mobile Wizard Guide forms part of the comprehensive build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Mage job tree.

Congrats on reaching Wizard. You’re one step closer to becoming an absolute farming beast.

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The Wizard

The Wizard is the 2nd Job in the Mage tree. Once you change to Wizard your Job level will reset. You will now level your job level again up to 40 before changing to High Wizard.


Apply the same simple strategy as introduced in the Mage Guide. Allocate all points to Int.


As a Wizard, you will have a total of 40 Skill points to allocate. The below are the recommended skill allocations:

Heaven's Drive
1AoE Earth Dmg
Magic Crasher
5Single Target Physical Dmg
Soul Drain
10SP Recovery on kill (Only works on single target skills)
Storm Gust
1AoE Freeze
Energy Coat
10Defensive + Offensive Buff

A few things to note:

  • Only get Level 1 Heaven’s Drive. This spell is spammable and hence quite SP intensive. Avoid higher levels as it increases SP cost.
  • Only get Level 1 Storm Gust. It’s mainly used for its crowd control (freeze) in Endless Tower and Rifts. Higher levels increases cast time.
  • You can spend your remaining 13 skill points however you like. Can’t decide? Get Lord of Vermilion.


EquipmentCrafting MaterialsCrafting/Loot

Piercing Staff [1]
(Weapon - Staff)
5x Iron
100x Jellopy
ragnarok mobile statue of judgement
Statue of Judgement
(Off-hand - Holy statue)
10x Steel
160x Memento
Izlude Island

Robe of Cast
-Upgrade from Mage Coat
ragnarok mobile staunch cape
Staunch Cape
30x Topaz
308x Hard Skin
25x Gold Sand

Staunch Shoes
-Vagabond Wolf

Int Earring
-Sograt Desert Rift

Int Earring
-Sograt Desert Rift

A few things to note:

  • Statue of Judgement and one of your Int Earrings will later be replaced by Orlean’s Server and Orlean’s Gloves
  • Don’t forget to Enhance Weapon and Accessories to your Base Level
  • Refine Weapon and Accessories to +4 (this is safe)
  • Feel free to just purchase the Staunch Shoes and Int Earrings from the exchange


A simple Lunatic pet will do for now (grants Refine M.Atk). Later on you can obtain an Isis Pet for Cast Time Reduction or a Sohee Pet for aditional SP Regen.


MonsterLevelSizeElementWeakness(Base+Job Exp)/HPNotable DropsSuggested Location
Hornets38SWindEarth0.088Honey, Rough WindMjolnir Mountains
Metaller55MFireWater0.145Gold Sand, Flame HeartProntera North
Dustiness62SWindEarth0.109ScellProntera North

You will roughly be between Base Level 40-70 as a Wizard.

Leveling your Wizard is very straightforward. There are three monsters of interest. First Hornets then Metaller and Dustiness. As a Wizard you will level very fast farming these two monsters. Here’s the setup:


Head to the above location in Mjolnir Mountains. Use Level 1 Heaven’s Drive to kill multiple hornets at a time.

Place the Play Dead Adventure Skill in your Auto Skill slot. This will help your character recover SP.

A Few Tips:

  1. Avoid using Energy Coat to save SP for Heaven’s Drive.
  2. Magic Crasher can activate Soul Drain. Use it to help sustain your SP for Heaven’s Drive.
  3. Eat Warm/Hot Meals and 1-Star cooked foods for SP Storage/Discharge reserves. The less you rely on Play Dead the better (More Tips on Improving SP Regen)

Metaller and Dustiness

You will find both Metaller and Dustiness in the same Prontera North Location (See Above – Area highlighted in Red).

Once you hit level 45 you can move onto Metaller. This time all you’ll need is Magic Crasher. As its much less SP intensive than Heaven’s Drive you can also use Energy Coat for a bit of extra damage.

Ideally you will want to 1-2 Hit the Metaller/Dustiness with your Magic Crasher. If you are having trouble feel free to stay on the easier monster (Hornets/Metaller) for longer.

A Few Tips

  1. Guild Donations are very important for the High Wizard, you’ll need a bunch of Gold Medals and Contribution points for Meteor Storm. It’s a total marathon.
  2. Speaking of long term, the same applies to Friendship Proof.
  3. Level 52? Don’t forget about your weekly Endless Tower runs

Once you hit Job Level 40, it’s time for the exciting part. High Wizard!

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