The fastest way to level Strength and Fitness in Project Zomboid is to exercise by doing push ups and squats. To maximize your strength gains make sure to eat protein.

Leveling Strength

You’ll gain Strength passively by doing the following:

  • Carrying >50% weight capacity and running.
  • Hitting Zombies or trees with melee attacks.

For more gains you can perform Strength exercises:

ExerciseXP per Rep
(with Protein Boost)
Approx. XP per 30mins
Push Ups6XP
Barbell Curls7.2XP
Dumbbell presses7.2XP
Bicep Curls7.2XP
*Burpees also give Fitness 3.2XP (approx. 102XP per 30mins)

Taking into consideration rep speed Push Ups and Dumbbell presses appear to give the greatest Strength XP gains. However Push Ups don’t need any equipment.

For leveling Strength you can increase your gains by eating protein.

Leveling Fitness

Fitness is harder to level. The exercises give less xp, there is no protein boost benefit but mainly because the passive methods of gaining xp aren’t great:

  • Sprinting.
  • Melee attacks whilst not overexerted.

For more gains you can perform Fitness exercises:

ExerciseXP per RepApprox. XP per 30mins
*Burpees also give Strength 7.2XP (approx. 154XP per 30mins)

Taking into consideration rep speed Squats give the most Fitness XP however Burpees give basically the same amount you’d might as well get strength XP too (however do note you will be sore in more areas).

Regularity Bar and Fatigue

Raising your regularity bar will reduce the severity of muscle fatigue after exercising ie. you’ll be in less pain for less time.


  • Keep some entertainment such as books and magazines with you as constantly exercising will increase boredom.
  • 30min sets are a good starting point.
  • Rest (right click a chair or couch) in between exercise sets to reduce exhaustion.