Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 extends 3rd Job Level to 70 (and Base Level 130). Thankfully there’s no tedious grind this time. Just a simple quest and you’re done.

Unlocking Job Level 70

You will need to be Job Level 60 to start the quest. This means having collected enough Death Breath to complete your 3rd Job Breakthrough.

Ready? Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Hvergelmir and speak to Lenneth (Peak Breakthrough NPC – See Above).
  2. Follow the quest pointers to Lighthalzen (Teleport to Juno – Einbroch Field to make things quicker)
  3. The rest is very straightforward. A few short quests and that’s it.

Congrats, you can now go all the way up tp Job Level 70.