Playing Last Day on Earth with an emulator on PC? Here’s how to use keyboard settings for a more comfortable gaming experience.

How you set key bindings will vary depending on what emulator you use. Here’s how to do it using Nox Emulator.

Setting the Keys

First ensure your game is open. Next click the keyboard control menu icon (See Above) on the right (or press Ctrl +1).

You can set the opacity settings to 0% on the left to hide the key prompts. Drag and drop the “A” icon to set key bindings. Below are a set of example keys you can try.

Keyboard Settings

These settings will cover the most common actions within the game.

W A S DMovement
Space barAttack
CtrlSneak (Crouch)
TAuto/Active Skill
EInteract (Pick up, open door etc)
QUse Pocket 1 (Switch Weapon)
RUse Pocket 2 (Healing Item)
TabOpen Inventory
COpen Crafting Menu
The left hand side of your inventory from top to bottom is: active weapon, backpack, pocket 1, pocket 2