Drodo adds Ogre Mage and the Kira Synergy back into the Auto Chess lineup. This time with a new skill that works much like the orb of refresh.

Previously Ogre Mage and its active skill “Irritate” (grants increased attack speed to an ally) had been considered quite useless by many players. Consequently the piece was often overlooked outside of mage compositions.

The New Skill “Innervate”

Ogre Mage’s new skill “Innervate” again buffs a random ally. But this time giving it a chance at resetting its ability and mana after casting.

Just like orb of refresh. Except it also restores mana and can proc over and over whilst the buff is active. Yup that means God of Thunder can rain thunder 2, 3 and more times in a row!

Clearly this could be extremely useful if activated on specific pieces. Namely ones with powerful AoE crowd control/damage abilities eg. Siren, Pirate Captain, Dark Spirit etc.

Could we start seeing Ogre Mage in more compositions?

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