adventurer rank b skills

Unlock Adventurer Rank B benefits Master Worker (+1 Active Pet Labor) and Combat Skill IV (Your Last Auto Skill Slot) Adventure Skills. As a bonus you’ll also be able to dye your clothes (if you have unlocked 3rd Job) via the Costume Shop.

Unlocking Quest

ragnarok mobile adventurer rank b quest

You will need Adventurer Level 30 for this one. The quest is quite straight forward but the quest item requirements include 1x Biotite, 1x Pearl and 1x Time Twister.

To start the quest head to Payon and speak to Solo Took. Follow the quest trail and hand in the required materials to each NPC. Before you hand in your final piece you must defeat Crazed Christy the Assassin Cross. She has quite a lot of HP and packs a punch. If you have enough flee you should be able to handle it solo, otherwise you may need a hand or two. That’s it. congrats on Adventurer Rank B.

What You Get

ragnarok mobile costume shop clothes dye
Costume Shop for dyeing clothes

Adventure Skills

  • Combat Skill IV – +1 Auto Skill Slot
  • Master Worker – +1 Active Pet Labor (That’s 5 Slots with Premium)


Adven. Class B – Max HP +12


999 Eden Coin

Costume Shop

Visit the Costume Shop NPC in Prontera (See above) to dye your clothes

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That’s it for now. In the future there may be Adventurer Rank A. But until then there’s always Scenery and Collectibles.