Drodo introduces the new Wizard Synergy class to Auto Chess with two new pieces, Grimtouch and Grand Herald.

The new wizard synergy when activated reduces the number of pieces required for activating synergies.

Currently this benefit can be activated with the two new wizard pieces Grimtouch and Grand Herald. Once active, any synergy needing at least 4 unique pieces will have its requirement reduced by 1 piece.

Let’s take a look at the two new pieces and their skills.

Grand Herald

The Grand Herald (Hermes) is a 2 cost God Wizard piece. Tagged as support it has a passive skill that reduces skill cooldown (initially by 10%). It also has an active skill that copies one skill from the “nearest centrosymmetric enemy” when the battle starts.

This may make players think twice when positioning their powerful AoE skill based pieces. Having your massive crowd control copied could certainly change the outcome of a battle.


Grimtouch (Washaak) is a 4 cost Demon Wizard Tagged as a Nuker, Support piece it has the active spell that deals linear damage. Each enemy piece hit by this skill increases the damage dealt by this skill.

Any unit hit by this skill will have the Ink Touch effect applied. What does this mean? It essentially links together pieces for the purpose of single target spells. Eg. If an Ink Touched piece is hexed (turned into a penguin) all linked pieces will also be hexed.

What does this mean for the meta? If anything, the new Wizard synergy will expand the list synergy combos. We’ll soon see how this addition shakes up the game.

Want to plan a build? We’ve added Grand Herald and Grimtouch to our Team Builder.