What are common tasks in Among Us? They are tasks shared by all players. Basically if you have one, other players will have it too. This also means if you don’t have one then no one will.

So what does this mean?


As an imposter you will also have common tasks. You cannot complete them of course but you can use this information to predict player movements.

See the Swipe Card common task? Wait in the Admin area. Pretend to swipe away as you await your prey.

As a crewmate you can make note of what common tasks are available. Sometimes imposters will try to fake common tasks that simply isn’t available to anyone.

Here’s a list of common task locations to familiarize yourself with:

Fix Wiring (The Skeld – Multi Location)

Electrical: Fix Wiring
Storage: Fix Wiring
Security: Fix Wiring
Cafeteria: Fix Wiring
Navigation: Fix Wiring
Admin: Fix Wiring

Swipe Card (The Skeld – Admin)

Enter ID Code (Mira HQ – Admin)

Fix Wiring (Mira HQ – Multi Location)

Storage: Fix Wiring
Locker Room: Fix Wiring
Laboratory: Fix Wiring
Hallway: Fix Wiring
Greenhouse: Fix Wiring

Swipe Card (Polus – Office)

Insert Keys (Polus – Dropship)

Scan Boarding Pass (Polus – Office)

Fix Wiring (Polus – Multi Location)

Laboratory: Fix Wiring
Decontamination: Fix Wiring
Electrical: Fix Wiring
O2: Fix Wiring
Office: Fix Wiring